Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Hanes Australasia is committed to attaining the highest standards in ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices. The company believes this is the most appropriate way of doing business and its consumers will have a stronger connection with its brands as a result.

Corporate social responsibility at Hanes Australasia touches every part of the business and encourages all stakeholders to contribute to the vision of significantly reducing the impact on the environment and supporting the communities in which Hanes Australasia operates.

The program focuses on four key areas where the company is seeking to make a difference:

  • Our People
  • Our Environment
  • Our Community
  • Our Marketplace


Our People

Hanes Australasia has an ongoing commitment to providing a responsible working environment for all its employees.  Hanes Australasia recognises that it is important to ensure all employees have the best opportunities available to prepare them for the future. 

Health and safety

The health and safety of employees is a top priority for Hanes Australasia. Key initiatives include:

  • The workplace integrated management system which encompasses safety, health, environment and quality and covers areas such as leadership, process approach and continuous improvement
  • Hanes Australasia is externally accredited to AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001
  • Open and consultative safety, health and environment programs
  • Annual influenza vaccination programs
  • Discounted private hospital insurance
  • On-site health and well-being assessments
  • Anti-bullying, discrimination and harassment training modules released via the Company’s eLearning portal
  • Mental health first aid training program rolled out to Human Resources and the National Safety Team
  • Retail safety project, involving the release of retail specific eLearning modules and standard operating procedures
  • Implementation of a streamlined reporting database to capture all hazards, incidents, injury management, quality and asset protection reports
  • Dedicated injury management and return to work resources
  • Access to International SOS support for all employees to ensure they are able to obtain appropriate medical assistance when travelling

In addition to programs for employees, the company’s supplier evaluation processes require its suppliers to demonstrate they have formal management systems in place to identify and manage safety, environment and quality.


Our Environment

Hanes Australasia is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Its robust environmental management system is certified within ISO 14001 and applies to its Australian manufacturing and distribution centre. Hanes Australasia strives for continuous environmental improvement by the application of guiding principles: reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.

Hanes Australasia has a number of environmental initiatives in place, including:

  • Working closely with environmental partners to reduce waste to landfill during the year. This includes ongoing monitoring of our environmental performance
  • Online employee eLearning program covering “Hanes Australasia and the environment”
  • On-going commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)  to reduce the environmental effects of packaging in Australia
  • Electricity demand reduction programs
  • A study within the Company’s supply chain, with the objective of reducing reliance on road freight in favour of rail
  • View our Environmental Policy
  • View our APC Strategy
  • View our APC Annual Report for 2016


Our Community

Looking after the communities in which the Company’s employees and consumers live is the right thing to do and Hanes Australasia values the deeper connections it is endeavouring to build with them.

The company’s community investment program aims to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the communities where its employees live and work.

Hanes Australasia continues to support a number of charitable organisations including:

  • Salvation Army
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Breast Cancer Network Australia
  • McGrath Foundation
  • Nippers (Surf Life Saving Australia)
  • SIDS and Kids
  • Red Dust
  • Planet Ark

Many businesses also participated in a number of initiatives within their local communities, including product donations to worthy causes.


Our Marketplace

Consideration of the impact a business makes on the environment and the communities in which it operates is becoming more important every day. More and more, people are beginning to think about how a product is made rather than focussing solely on the product itself. This concern also extends to the environmental and social conduct of suppliers.


Ethical Trading

Hanes Australasia is committed to ensuring it meets its social compliance responsibilities and has an ongoing program of auditing its supply chain for adherence to ethical practices spanning labour rights, safety, quality and the environment.

The Company recognises the difficulties in dealing with a large and complex supply chain and therefore is dedicated to integrating ethics into its core business practices and improving its audit program. Further information on the company’s social compliance framework is available on our Ethical Sourcing page.

Animal Welfare Policy

Hanes Australasia is committed to ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare are adhered to in its supply chain. Products must be generated, sourced and manufactured under acceptable conditions by suppliers. Where animal products are used, we expect our suppliers to treat animals in a humane manner which includes provision of appropriate comfort, shelter and freedom from distress or hunger.

For example when sourcing feather and down (either as a raw material or within products) our suppliers must take reasonable steps to ensure that the down and feathers used are a by-product of the food chain. Feather or down obtained by live plucking of birds is not permitted for use in Hanes Australasia’ products. Hanes Australasia visits its suppliers to monitor their ongoing commitment to meeting our expectations in relation to the sourcing of feather and down.

Concerns have also been raised about angora fibre production, specifically in relation to the mistreatment of rabbits in angora farms. Hanes Australasia has banned the use of rabbit angora fibre in all of our products to prevent the possibility of any rabbit being subject to distress caused by live-plucking or inappropriate standards of care.

Sandblasting Policy

Our Global Standards for Suppliers requires that basic labour and human rights are met and environmental impacts are managed when supplying Hanes Australasia with goods and services. This expectation also applies to the production and garment treatment methods that suppliers use during their manufacturing processes. Treating denim to make a garment look worn or faded is a common practice within the clothing industry and one method that has been frequently used is sandblasting. We now know that sandblasting can be extremely damaging to workers’ health as the large amounts of silica dust generated during the process can cause silicosis, a potentially lethal pulmonary disease which is caused when workers inhale the tiny particles of silica.

The use of Sandblasting in the manufacture or finishing of Hanes Australasia product is prohibited.

Uzbekistan Cotton Policy

Hanes Australasia is committed to ensuring that child workers are not used anywhere in our supply chain and that employment is freely chosen. We are concerned about reports of forced child and adult labour in cotton cultivation in Uzbekistan. Although the Company does not have any direct business relationship with cotton producers, it seeks to avoid the use of Uzbekistan cotton. The Company has requested all of its suppliers to commit to avoid sourcing cotton from Uzbekistan in relation to the manufacture of any of the Company’s products, until such time as the practice of using forced and underage labour ceases.