ETI Performance

Hanes Australasia has been an ETI Member since 2008 and moved from Improver to Achiever status in 2012.

eti logoHanes Australasia was the first Australian company to join the ETI. The ETI is a multi-stakeholder engaged organisation focused on collaboration across companies, trade unions and non-government organisations. Members include H&M, Gap Inc., Inditex, Debenhams Retail, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, The Body Shop, Sainsbury's and other international brands. The objective is for members to collectively tackle the many complex and country dependant issues and provide support and guidance to each other on the actions companies can take to trade ethically.

Pacific Brands ETI Ratings (click image to zoom)

Since joining in 2008, the Company has integrated all ETI Base Code factors into its program. There are four performance categories (Beginner, Improver, Achiever and Leader). We are proud to say that in 2012 we moved from ‘Improver’ to ‘Achiever’ status in an annual review by the ETI, demonstrating the ongoing improvements delivered by our audit, compliance and sourcing teams in collaboration with our suppliers. In doing so, Hanes Australasia has gone beyond applying policies and management systems across its main suppliers and has commenced engaging with suppliers to make sustainable improvements in working conditions and respect for workers rights.

As a dedicated signatory of the ETI, Hanes Australasia established a strategic plan with input from the ETI’s secretariat and an NGO. The plan enables Hanes Australasia to focus its efforts (such as improving awareness of workers’ rights and increasing our impact on the conditions for workers), and to monitor and evaluate progress.

In 2014 Hanes Australasia established a 3 year strategic plan which is dedicated to:

  • Improving awareness of workers’ rights amongst workers themselves and factory management levels
  • Allocating resources towards initiatives that will reduce working hours and increase rest days without loss of income
  • Improving visibility and traceability in our supply chain
  • Enhancing website disclosures and providing further information on our program

On March 31st 2017 we moved from the ETI base code to Hanes' Global Code of Conduct, Global Standards for Suppliers and the Fair Labour Association Code of Conduct. For more information please visit