Factory List


On 15 July 2016, Hanes Australasia was acquired by HanesBrands Inc (HBI). Consistent with Hanes Australasia, HanesBrands conducts business around the world in a highly ethical manner and is committed to upholding high ethical sourcing standards across all of its sourcing markets and remaining a leader in the apparel industry.

With Hanes Australasia now a part of the HanesBrands global business, 80 percent of HBI’s total supply comes from production facilities that we own and operate or from fully dedicated contractors.  In addition to these facilities, the company and its licensees source directly from third-party facilities as well.  To access a listing of company-owned and third party facilities, download this PDF. These facilities account for over 95% of HBI’s (including Hanes Australasia) total supply.

Further information on HanesBrands’ ethical sourcing programs can be found on the Hanes for Good website at http://hanesforgood.com/.