Fairydown is New Zealand’s largest bedding accessories brand, one that most New Zealanders choose to cuddle up and sleep in.  The range includes pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, protectors and blankets. 

Since 1877 Fairydown has been indelibly linked to New Zealand – a land hidden away at the bottom of the South Pacific, rich in natural beauty and resources.  Its pristine landscape is diverse and challenging – majestic mountains, volcanoes, fiords, rain forests, crystal clear lakes and sweeping coastlines.

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The people of New Zealand are strongly connected to their land – preserving the pureness around them, weaving nature’s bounty into their daily lives without compromising on quality and comfort.  It is a land and lifestyle they want to share with the world now and long into the future.

The Fairydown brand was founded in a part of New Zealand familiar with extreme weather – lows of -25.6°C and highs of 42.4°C.  The perfect setting for the development of a bedding brand that transcends the extremes that Mother Nature throws at it.

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But through its adventurous forefathers, a pioneering spirit, constant innovation and a commitment to quality and natural fibres, Fairydown’s story is today linked with not only New Zealand’s but also some of the world’s most pioneering moments in the last century.

Fairydown understands the importance and rejuvenating benefits of a good night’s sleep.  A healthy sleeping environment starts with bedding designed for optimum comfort from the fibres nature provides. 

Fairydown bedding products are made from premium natural fibres and the brand promotes pure and natural sleep.  Below is an introduction to each of the brand’s leading natural fibres:

Feather & Down

The combination of the rigid plumage of feathers with the fluffy down from ducks and geese delivers the ultimate fill for quilts, pillows and mattress toppers.  The more feathers, the heavier the weight, the more down, the warmer the fill due to the creation of thousands of insulating pockets.

fairydown feather and down


New Zealand wool – nature’s miracle fibre.  New Zealand sheep graze freely on open pastures producing a sensory fibre that is natural and eco-sustainable.

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Beautiful cotton is used to encase our natural fibre fills.  Premium woven thread creates a breathable and soft yet durable outer cover enabling the fill within to naturally cocoon your head and body.

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Our Premium to Super Premium Product Range includes pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, protectors and blankets. 

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