Living Wages


  • Hanesbrands (“Hanes”) owns and operates most of the manufacturing facilities it uses, unlike most apparel companies.  These owned facilities employ nearly 60,000 employees and produce almost 80% of Hanes’ total unit volume.
  • Hanes provides our production employees a living wage which has been verified by independent review (refer below).
  • In addition, Hanes believes that everyone who works has the right to fair compensation and is committed to all elements of its Global Standards for Suppliers, which includes a compensation/living wage provision.
  • Hanes defines living wage as compensation (wages, plus bonuses and in-kind benefits, excluding overtime) sufficient to enable employees to meet basic needs and have some discretionary income.
  • Basic needs is defined as the minimum necessary to have access to appropriate resources, including food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter, energy, transportation, education, sanitation facilities and healthcare services.
  • Through two very experienced independent labor economists, Hanes has commissioned extensive research in our owned facilities in Vietnam, Honduras, El Salvador and Dominican Republic to understand whether our employees are earning a living wage. Through this work, it was concluded that Hanes employees have a living standard that far exceeds a living wage.
  • In addition to the economists’ work, Hanes has also benchmarked employee compensation to available living wage data. For example, in Vietnam, the average wage Hanes pays its employees exceeds the Global Living Wage Coalition (“GLWC”) benchmark.
  • Hanes is also committed to working with our third-party suppliers (which represent 20% of Hanes total unit volume) to meet this living wage standard. As part of our FLA membership and work, Hanes is continuing to conduct living wage studies and has and will continue to report publicly as part of this journey.
  • Additional information on living wages can be found here.
  • More information on our Ethical Standards and Social Compliance Program can be found here. 

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