Human Rights and Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to Human Rights and Responsible Sourcing

HanesBrands’ commitment to our guiding principles means that we only do business with suppliers who also abide by the highest standards of ethical business behaviour.

Reviewed and updated annually, our Global Standards for Suppliers (GSS) and our Global Human Rights Policy call for all our suppliers to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity and to fully comply with the law and HanesBrands policies. Our GSS applies to all facilities involved in the production of HanesBrands products anywhere in the world including our owned facilities.  

All finished goods facilities must undergo a GSS assessment before production begins. It is then followed up with ongoing annual assessments. To ensure accuracy and integrity, the initial and annual assessments are conducted by third-party auditors who measure the facilities’ performance using a detailed, scored set of more than 265 questions across five key areas:

1.     Management Practices
2.     Health, Safety & Social
3.     Responsible Labour
4.     Environmental Practices
5.     Security

Based on their audit score, we grade and rank our suppliers into four categories. The lowest-scoring facilities are placed on our Alarm List for flagged issues that need immediate action. We have a zero-tolerance policy against issues such as child labour, forced labour, wage violations, serious health and safety violations (especially fire safety), sexual or physical harassment or abuse, rejection of an audit, unauthorized subcontracting and attempted bribery of an auditor. These may lead to us immediately terminating our business relationship.   

Embedded within our regional operations are over a dozen dedicated corporate responsibility staff who ensure strong oversight of the GSS program and the corrective action process. To support the entire GSS process, we use a sophisticated centralized software tool, our Global Vendor Management System (GVMS), which tracks and manages all supplier audit data and the corrective action process. 

Many stakeholders are interested in our position on wages – in particular on whether we support a “living wage.” In short, we believe in fairly compensating our workforce so that they live in households that more than meet their basic needs – and have discretionary income.

We are also pleased to be (since 2009) a fully accredited participating company in the Fair Labor Association (FLA), an internationally recognized multi-stakeholder labor rights organization, having been reaccredited in October 2019. Please go to to learn more about the FLA.


Further information on our global responsible sourcing program can be found as follows:

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