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Map Markers Update 4 

Pacific Brands has come a long way from manufacturing Dunlop bicycle tyres in 1893. Today, Pacific Brands is famous for marketing iconic brands including Bonds, Sheridan, Tontine, Berlei, Jockey, Voodoo and Dunlop Flooring.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, Pacific Brands operates throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. The passion of our 3,500 employees is the driving force behind our success.


“Why is it important that we are ‘being’ something? Can’t we just sell stuff?"

At Pacific Brands, we are more than just products and sales – we are a collective of people who are united by our desire to create unique, highly connective and valued brands. 

The use of the ® in our brand mark is significant. First and foremost it signifies that we create and market registered trademarks that have been made and protected for their uniqueness and quality. It also says that what we do matters; that we are not in the business of merely rag trading – but rather in creating things that are worth protecting and that have real value.

Our ® says we build brands that are worth more than the cotton or leather. They have connection and relevance to peoples’ lives and mean something in society. This is what we call the ® factor. The extra value that lives way beyond the product as people buy our brands to help define who they are and what they value.

The ® factor is central to why we are proud of what we do and why others will be proud of us too. Most of all, being Pacific Brands, in this context, is about driving creativity, design and innovation to make amazing things possible. And it’s why Being Pacific Brands must start with a central belief of why we exist...