Sheridan is the destination for beautiful Australian living.

Since 1967, Sheridan has been a force in defining how Australians decorate their homes.

From pioneering beginnings as Australia’s first ever textile printing business, to driving collaboration with Australian artists in the 1980s, Sheridan is a global market leader steeped in artistry, craftsmanship and quality.

With beautiful bed linens, towels and home accessories, Sheridan has an unparralelled product offering. Designs are hand painted in Sheridan’s Sydney design studio, and transformed into textiles by Sheridan’s expert craftsman. Every stitch, every weave, is considered, and never meets the customers hands without meeting the most rigorous of Sheridan quality testing standards.

An integral part of the Australian cultural landscape, Sheridan has been challenging and defining the way Australians decorate their homes for over forty years. A rich heritage has been shaped by visionary founder Claudio Alcorso, a man who not only established Sheridan as the progressive brand it is today, but a man who indelibly shaped Australia through his involvement with the arts, environment and Australian culture. His legacy is a pioneering spirit that drives Sheridan’s passion for innovation today.

Inspired by the beauty of Australian colour and light, Sheridan designs are unique and timeless artistic contributions. Whether the designs are hand painted in Sheridan’s Sydney design studio, or commissioned by a celebrated Australian artist, Sheridan transforms art into the every day, featuring these timeless artistic creations on bed linens and home accessories.

With a team of highly skilled artisans and decades of experience, Sheridan are the textile experts in creating beautiful Australian home lifestyle products. Each Sheridan product has a unique journey and story, shaped by a team of individual craftsman, world class designers and expert technicians, who devote their time to sourcing the best quality raw materials and creating the fabric, to deliver a quality finished product.

Devoted to quality, every measure is undertaken to ensure the product is crafted to last. Meticulous attention to detail, time honoured techniques and superior technology are the Sheridan product hallmarks. Each product is crafted with longevity and durability as a non negotiable, ensuring that customers can build their collection over many years. This devotion to quality is woven into the fabric of Sheridan, from the product to the people, with a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

With 14 boutiques, 35 concessions and an extensive wholesale business, Sheridan is a much loved part of almost every Australian home.

Says General Manager Paul Gould, “Sheridan has a unique offering for Australia and the world. A rich heritage, combined with a unique product design capability and a devotion to quality makes Sheridan a global lifestyle leader, and the destination for beautiful Australian living.”