Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pacific Brands offer internships or work experience?

Pacific Brands will consider work experience requests via formal applications relating to school work experience programs. Please contact the brand you are interested in directly through their individual website.


How do I get a job with Pacific Brands?

We advertise our vacancies on the Pacific Brands careers website. For more information about working at Pacific Brands, please visit our Careers Centre.


What sort of jobs does Pacific Brands offer?

Pacific Brands employs people across numerous areas including design and product development, brand management, marketing, sales, retail, supply and operations and support services. For more information about careers at Pacific Brands, please visit our Careers Centre.


I am a service provider and would like to offer Pacific Brands my services

All Pacific Brands’ businesses make their own decisions about which service providers they use. Links to our businesses’ websites are available in the Our Brands section of this website if you wish to contact the businesses directly.


I have an enquiry about one of your brands or products. How do I contact them?

If you wish to enquire or make a complaint about one of our brands or products, please visit the Contact Us page where you can select the brand you are interested in from the drop down menu and submit a message. Your message will be directed to the relevant person.


I am an overseas manufacturer and would like to work with Pacific Brands

If you would like to become a supplier to Pacific Brands, please contact us via the ‘potential suppliers’ link on the Contact Us page.


Where can I find information about Pacific Brands for students?

The best place to find information about Pacific Brands is this website, especially the About Us section. Annual reports and results announcements are also useful resources – both of which are available on the website in the Results and Reports section. You can also sign up for Pacific Brands email alerts which will notify you of any Pacific Brands news. If you are interested in finding out about one of our brands, please contact them directly through their individual website.


Where are Pacific Brands located?

Pacific Brands has offices, factories, distribution centres and retail outlets throughout 8 countries including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and China. Head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. For more information about our locations and to view an interactive Google map displaying these locations, please visit the Locations page on our careers site.


I have a new idea for a product. How do I show Pacific Brands?

Pacific Brands does not have a set method for receiving new ideas, however if you develop an outline or proposal, please feel free to send it to If you do send a proposal, please make sure that you secure the right intellectual property protection before you send it.


If your question is not addressed in the FAQ, please email us via the Contact Us page.