Accessible Work

Hanes Australasia is committed to a workplace that enables people with a disability to participate equally. We will do this by:

•  Continuously improving inclusiveness in our recruitment and selection process

•  Building a disability confident culture

•  Reviewing and continuously improving our Workplace Adjustment Policy

•  Increasing the representation of people with disability in our business through meaningful, sustainable employment

•  Developing metrics to measure our progress

•  Embedding accessible and inclusive practices for career development


Employee Reference Group
– HDAN (Hanes Disability Advocacy Network)

The Network’s purpose is to create and develop a more inclusive and equal workplace, and further disability awareness company-wide.

Hanes Disability Advocacy Network (HDAN) is an employee-led group who sit under the Accessibility and Inclusivity Steering Committee. Network members act as advocates for those living with a disability within Hanes and assist in removing barriers, misconceptions and educate our people so we can start to eliminate any  unconscious discrimination which may exist.

All HDAN members are passionate about accessibility and inclusivity for people living with disability. They might be living with disability themselves, supporting someone who lives with disability, have lived experience with friends or family who have a disability, or are advocates for people with disability. HDAN raises awareness and education about disability and share resources to help support our team members in learning more. The Network also supports our Steering Committee in reviewing any initiatives across the business to ensure they are aligned to the needs of people living with disability.

Inclusive Recruitment

We are focused on cultivating a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and vibrant. In fact, we know both our workplace culture and business are only strengthened by our differences. We encourage our team members to bring their true selves to work and support them to reach their full potential both personally and professionally. 

We are an equal opportunity workplace, and this commitment extends to ensuring we are providing and following an accessible and inclusive recruitment & selection process to enable all people, across race, gender, age, religion, identity, experience, and those coming with mental and/or physical disability, to participate fully.

Our recruitment practices actively promote and maintain a safe and inclusive work environment. We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply for positions, and have processes in place to ensure any barriers that may prevent a candidate from equitably participating in our recruitment & selection processes are minimized. We commit to ensuring everyone can perform at their best: if a person requires a workplace adjustment, at any point in the recruitment & selection process we will review and accommodate where possible.

Hanes is committed to becoming a Disability Confident organisation that understands the importance of providing every candidate with an equitable recruitment experience. Our recruitment & selection practices support a barrier-free process for people with disability. We provide training for our recruitment team and hiring managers on disability-confident recruitment practices. 

Workplace Adjustments

As we strive to be a disability confident organisation, Hanes has developed workplace policies and procedures that minimise barriers and discrimination for people with disability. 

Hanes Australasia is committed to: 

  1. Establishing and maintaining effective systems, policies and procedures to promote an accessible and inclusive workplace free from discrimination. 
  2. Supporting the employment of skilled and talented candidates with disability by identifying and resolving barriers during recruit
    ment and employment where reasonable. 
  3. Ensuring equality of opportunity in recruitment processes, promotion and ongoing development for team members with disability. 
  4. Accommodating reasonable workplace adjustments to enable people with disability to participate fully throughout the entire lifecycle 
    of employment and to perform the essential requirements of their position.
  5. Fostering a workplace culture that supports disability, inclusion and acceptance of workplace adjustments. 
  6. Consulting the person with disability with respect to workplace adjustment needs and how they can be best supported in the workplace. 
  7. Complying with legislative requirements with respect to disability and protecting team members and candidates against discrimination.
  8. Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy requirements of the information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Legislation and Hanes Australasia policies


Training and Education – Hanes Supporting Everybody

To support our team members in building their knowledge and confidence in supporting  people living with disability, we've developed an internal learning series titled the Hanes Supporting Everybody series. Thus far the series has three on-line modules.

An introductory module, with a focus on understanding what disability is, and the principles of access and inclusion. An inclusive language module, which raises awareness of the impact of our attitude and language. For people leaders the module also provides a step-by-step analysis of how to support a team member through a Workplace Adjustment conversation.

For Hiring Managers, a specific module on becoming a disability confident Hiring Manager which focusses on inclusive practices across all stages in recruitment and provides the tools needed to have confident conversations with candidates with disability.