Accessible Brands and Products

Hanes Australasia is committed to consumers having equal access to our brands and products.

We will do this by:

•  Reviewing marketing, communication and events guidelines to ensure they align to current best practice

•  Implementing a ‘feedback loop’ on the accessibility of touchpoints with our business

•  Explore accessible opportunities across all our brands

•  Authentically represent people with disability in our internal and external communications

Marketing & Communications

Hanes Marketing teams work to clear guidelines and standards that build accessibility into all communications across our channels.

Accessible communication ensures everyone has the same access and opportunity to read publications, use websites, attend events, participate in programs, and shop in stores and online. These principles ensure our teams plan their communications with accessibility in mind and think about users with different abilities or needs

Shift 20 Initiative

Change starts with a shift. We're proud to be part of a collective of Australia's biggest brands, together with The Dylan Alcott Foundation, committed to increasing representation of disability within the advertising industry. A change that will impact the way 1 in 5 Australians see themselves, simply by making them seen to others.